• Protect your SEO rankings with auto redirect

    When updating your site’s URL slugs, we’ll automatically create a redirect for visitors from the old URL to the new one. Learn More

  • Sell tickets with assigned seats for your in-person events

    Give guests a seamless experience by letting them choose their own seats. You can now create your own seating map with tiered ticket pricing. Get started | Learn more
  • Now you can set up Recurring Events

    Save yourself time and energy, use Recurring Events to schedule multiple occurrences of the same event all at once. Learn more
  • Host virtual events with Wix Live

    You can now stream live webinars & meetings directly from your website. Create, manage, host and record your online events with a fully integrated solution. Learn more

  • Wix Events: New backend API

    Now you can create, update, delete, cancel, copy, get and query your Wix Events with much of the functionality available in the Editor. Learn more
  • Invite Your Team to Become Call Agents

    Boost your customer service by giving multiple agents the ability to make and answer calls on your business phone number at the same time. Available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more
  • Improve Customer Service with Call Recordings

    Record calls made to your business phone number and review them any time. Call recordings are seamlessly integrated into your CRM, and you can listen to them from your Inbox. Available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more
  • Build Hype for Your Event with a Detailed Schedule

    Add an event schedule to your event page so people can see and prepare for what you have planned in advance.  Learn more

  • New Backend Events for Coupons API

    Write code that is triggered when a coupon is created, updated, deleted or applied using new Coupons API backend events. Learn more
  • Track Site Performance More Easily with Analytics Alerts

    Use preset and custom alerts to get an email notification whenever there is a significant change in your site’s key stats or business activity. Learn more