Meet the highest international regulations

Build powerful websites with built-in accessibility and GDPR features. Make sure your sites comply with World Content Accessibility Guidelines, general data and protection regulations.

Setting headers and alt text for accessibility on websites.
Setting headers and alt text for accessibility on websites.

Make your client sites accessible for everyone

Visual Indicators

Help every visitor navigate your client sites. Enable built-in visual indicators to show where the cursor is on the page.

Site Language Definition 

Set your client’s site language to help assistive technologies read content aloud. The technology adjusts the accent, pitch and speaking rate of the content to better suit the language.

Accessibility Checklist

Many people with disabilities navigate the web using assistive technology. Follow our accessibility checklist to make sure your client sites are accessible for every visitor.

Full Keyboard Functionality

Activate keyboard accessibility and visual indicators so visitors using a keyboard can navigate your site and track where they are.

Automatic DOM Order

Design your site in any order using drag and drop elements. The DOM (document object model) is then automatically arranged so visitors who rely on a keyboard can navigate your site.

Correct Semantics

Create your accessible website with correct semantics built into every element. Keep the standard settings or customize them however you like.

Smart Focus Ring

Smart focus rings automatically appear when a keyboard is being used and feature dual colors so they’re always visible on your client’s site. 

Aria Attributes 

Enable accessible navigation landmarks like “arrow” or “button” into the site’s code, making it easier for visitors using a screen reader to find their way around. 

Heading Tags

Automatic heading tags help web browsers and screen readers understand how the site is organized in order to present the content. This also improves the site’s SEO.

Reduced Motion

Design your client website with motion and scrolling effects without having to worry. Reduced motion automatically decreases screen movement for users who have enabled this setting in their operating system.

Alt Text

Add a text-based description to your images to help visually-impaired users browse your client’s site. Alt-text also improves the site’s SEO. 

Accessibility Templates

Start your next client project with a template that’s already accessible. Choose from dozens of designer-made templates and save time building your client’s website 

Help your clients meet GDPR requirements

Privacy Policy

Build trust between your clients and their customers. Add your client’s privacy policy to their website, so visitors know their information is protected.

Request Consent 

GDPR establishes ways in which you can lawfully process your site visitors’ data by requesting consent or creating a contract.


All the cookies which are initially placed within your Wix website are essential cookies. This means that if you are using only these cookies on your Wix website, you do not need to ask consent from site visitors or to use a cookie banner.

Right to Be Forgotten

Get assistance in becoming GDPR compliant with tools to help you access and permanently delete visitor data. 

Subscriber Opt-Ins

Add a checkbox to forms so site visitors can give permission to subscribe to a newsletter or consent to a privacy policy.

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